Whose Opinion About Porn Really Matters?

The truth about porn

Damon Young of the Washington Post, and many other people, make the assumption is that most people whose opinions matter to you would feel awful if anyone found out they had worked in the adult industry.  But this assumption is wrong.  This isn’t the 1950s anymore.  Look at it economically:  You’re entitled to a good…

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Decriminalizing Prostitution in Maine

decriminalize prostitution

Maine may decriminalize prostitution. What is good news in all this is that a number of prosecutors at the state level are no longer pursuing prostitution as a criminal matter.  This should have happened about 200 years ago, but Jonathan Edwards (the New England religious fanatic) got in the way.  Still, better late than never.…

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You’d Be Lucky to Find a Valentine Like Stormy Daniels


Today is Valentine’s Day!  And a number of readers of my book Stormy’s World are asking themselves, has Stormy Daniels ruined this special day with lust rather than love? Mais non!  Not at all!  For Stormy, every day is Valentine’s Day!  She has never been a figurehead for emotionless coupling.  Those deep eyes breathe attachment,…

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Leggings Are Now Dominant in Our Culture

In a recent New York Times article, Vanessa Friedman asks, ” When did leggings make the leap from garment to cultural lightning rod?” When, indeed? The appeal of leggings is not rocket science. And the priests at Notre Dame know evil when they see it: Women’s legs and butts look terrific in the leggings silhouette.…

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