Is Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram Photo Inappropriate?


Should Candace Cameron Bure’s have posted a personal photo on her Instagram account? Certainly. There was no controversy here, and no apology was necessary. I’m pleased that none was given, either. Her television father, Bob Saget, agrees with me. There is something sweet about this photo of Ms. Bure and her husband with his hand…

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Preoccupation With Masturbation Raises Questions


A recent sex advice column in Slate raises questions about a preoccupation with masturbation. Specifically, how much is too much during a pandemic? A woman seeking advice thinks her boyfriend’s masturbation is excessive, and she reports that his behaviour is driving her “insane.” Fair enough. Absurd Advice About Masturbation The advice seeker sounds reasonable to…

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Porn Spikes During the Pandemic

boredom during a pandemic

According to Pornhub, on March 6,  2020, its worldwide traffic was up 11.6 percent; in the U.S., it increased 6.4 percent and, in Italy — which, at the time, was hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic — it was up 57 percent. In the porn world, if there’s a crisis beyond the pandemic and the…

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Japanese Sexual Behaviour and Male Virginity

male virginity

Japan does stand out sexually in various ways but let’s not confuse oranges and apples.  There’s a difference between having sex and getting married.  The CBS News piece, “The cautionary tale of Japan’s ‘sex recession,’” explores Japan’s high “male virginity” rate.  But the explanations are all about how economically difficult it is to get married.…

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The “Bisexual Umbrella”

bisexual unbrella

A recent Yahoo article, “Bella Thorne reveals she’s pansexual: What does it mean,” raises an interesting issue about sexuality. It has changed during the past few years into a palette of choices, and it seems additional possibilities are cropping up all the time. What parades around under the “bisexual umbrella” can be a bit confusing,…

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Stormy’s World: Inside Porn by Edward Shorter

Exciting News to Share My history of the adult entertainment industry has just been published, and the book is now available on Amazon. It’s the first serious history of the industry ever written, and my original idea was to call it, “A History of the Adult Entertainment Industry,” but then, my agent said,  “No, we’re not…

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Today’s Slayings Are Like Yesterday’s Lynchings

transgender lynching

Slayings and Lynchings These tragic slayings of black transgender women are like the lynchings in Mississippi. Then, the victims were black males. This time, the murderers target a different subset of the population, and a different gender. But the cause is the same: the inability of a group of privileged males to handle cultural change.…

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Intersexuality Changes Penetration and Command


The Future of Sexuality What is the future of sexuality? More of the same? No. I think we’re going to move forward in a different direction. Sexuality will be revolutionized. We will dethrone penetrative sexuality and embrace “intersexuality”–that is, women who behave like men, and men who behave like women. We’ve been talking about “breaking…

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