Feeling Conflicted About Matt Gaetz’s Sex Scandal

Congressman Matt Gaetz

I viewed the New York Times‘ report about Matt Gaetz’s sex scandal with mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I am glad to see the political career of Gaetz, a despicable figure and “Trump ally,” coming to an apparent end.  His toadying, pandering, and posturing on behalf of far-right-wing political fantasies are loathsome, and maybe his…

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Strange Bedfellows, Indeed

What do a deputy sheriff and a porn star have in common? I’ll get to the sheriff’s deputy in moment.  But first,  let’s talk about Ron Jeremy. The Case of Porn Star Ron Jeremy This is not meant in any sense to be en exculpation of porn star Ron Jeremy, who is very famous and…

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Where Do the Legs Go?

where do the legs go

It’s hard to tell who gives more awful sex advice: the media or the experts.   Much of the media’s depiction of sex seems directed at 14-year-olds, who can’t figure out where the legs go.  The experts seem completely hung up on making people feel good about themselves, which is not really the name of…

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The Media Hothouse of Sanctimony and Jeff Toobin

Media Hothouse of Sanctimony

Joe Berkowitz’s prissy “Four Minute Read,” a Fast Company article called “I can’t believe we need to say this, but it’s never okay to masturbate during a work meeting,” unloads on Jeff Toobin as a kind of media-celebrity sex offender.  Berkowitz reminds us of the “unspoken precedent of never whipping your dick out during office hours.”…

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Preoccupation With Masturbation Raises Questions


A recent sex advice column in Slate raises questions about a preoccupation with masturbation. Specifically, how much is too much during a pandemic? A woman seeking advice thinks her boyfriend’s masturbation is excessive, and she reports that his behaviour is driving her “insane.” Fair enough. Absurd Advice About Masturbation The advice seeker sounds reasonable to…

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You’d Be Lucky to Find a Valentine Like Stormy Daniels


Today is Valentine’s Day!  And a number of readers of my book Stormy’s World are asking themselves, has Stormy Daniels ruined this special day with lust rather than love? Mais non!  Not at all!  For Stormy, every day is Valentine’s Day!  She has never been a figurehead for emotionless coupling.  Those deep eyes breathe attachment,…

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Transgender Isn’t a Disorder


The World Health Organization (WHO) has just abolished transgender as a disorder.  In its guide to diseases, WHO has replaced “gender identity disorder” with “marked incongruence” between gender at birth and current gender. Sexual Variants Are Not Disorders So, once again, psychiatry follows the headlines!  It’s not science, it’s public relations. The initial mistake was…

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Can Colleges Ban Porn?


Catholic universities, and other religious institutes of higher learning, have a right to maintain codes of morality that they see as consistent with their religious beliefs.  If they think porn contradicts those beliefs, they have a right to prohibit it from campuses, including virtual premises. They have the right.  But are they wise in doing…

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