The Metaphorical Death of Larry Flynt

porn magazines

In the outpouring of obituaries following Larry Flynt’s death, one point has not been made: Flynt was once far ahead of the country.  And then the country outraced him. Hustler’s Working-Class Origins Flynt grew up in dirt-poor Kentucky and, after years in the Navy and at factory jobs, he carried within him the sentiments of…

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Nicholas Kristof Blows the Whistle on Pornhub


Nicholas Kristof was absolutely right to blow the whistle on Pornhub in his New York Times piece, since the dissemination of child pornography is absolutely unacceptable.  Yet the reaction Kristof touched off seems to be more anti-porn than anti-child abuse.  People are jumping up and down in rage in Nebraska, because the article gives them…

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The Adult Entertainment Industry Takes Care of Its Own

Donald Trump and Porn

Lynn Comella’s analysis in a recent Washington Post article is excellent.  Of the current porn scholars, Comella is arguably the most knowledgeable and articulate. Free Speech Coalition Protects Adult Entertainment Industry The adult entertainment industry can get along without government help. As Comelia says, “The adult community, led by the industry’s main trade association, the…

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Japanese Sexual Behaviour and Male Virginity

male virginity

Japan does stand out sexually in various ways but let’s not confuse oranges and apples.  There’s a difference between having sex and getting married.  The CBS News piece, “The cautionary tale of Japan’s ‘sex recession,’” explores Japan’s high “male virginity” rate.  But the explanations are all about how economically difficult it is to get married.…

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Can Colleges Ban Porn?


Catholic universities, and other religious institutes of higher learning, have a right to maintain codes of morality that they see as consistent with their religious beliefs.  If they think porn contradicts those beliefs, they have a right to prohibit it from campuses, including virtual premises. They have the right.  But are they wise in doing…

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How to Explain the Increase in Young Virgins?

Young Virginity in Japan and in the United States The increase in young men not having sex in Japan, reported by CNN, mirrors what is happening internationally. In the United States as well, there’s been a similar rise in young-male virginity (18-30 age group), up from 15 percent in 1989 to 28 percent in 2018.…

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