The Jeffrey Toobin Witch Hunt

Jeff Toobin Witch Hunt

The story about former New Yorker legal writer Jeffrey Toobin’s problems reminds of of the Salem witch trials.  We’re being assaulted with a series of pieces on masturbating at work and how awful it is, whether or not you know you are being watched. Masturbation Doesn’t Require Termination In Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley writes, “The issue…

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Jeffrey Toobin’s Crime of Masturbation

Jeffrey Toobin and the Zoom Call

The story of the downfall of Jeffrey Toobin because he was caught maturbating during a video call interests me, because not for the reasons you might expect. What’s fascinating to me is the reaction of his colleagues to Toobin’s behavior during this infamous Zoom call, not Toobin’s own colossal lack of judgment. A Colossally Ordinary…

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