Variety Is the Key to Good Sex

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In her article, “The No. 1 Barrier To Good Sex For Women Over 50 — And How To Overcome It,” Tracey Cox makes the mistake — easy enough to do in the “body positivity” literature — of pandering to women.  “Just feel good about yourself and everything will fall into place,” she advises. What Men…

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Watching Porn on Government Time


Has Porn Been Seen in Government? Watching porn on a government computer!  How awful! What if a deputy assistant attorney general, or another government official, had checked their Facebook or Twitter accounts or played Candy Crush instead? Playing on company time? How horrid! Porn and Baseball For that matter, what if they had watched baseball…

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Career Paths for Strippers

Changes in the Stripping Industry The stripping industry, like so many other aspects of the adult entertainment world, isn’t what it used to be. Valeriya Safronova’s excellent piece in the New York Times is bang on about the tough working conditions of “dancers,” as they’re usually called. And full-speed ahead for efforts to unionize and…

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Porn: From Visual Images to Connectivity

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  The Start of the Porn Industry The porn industry owed its initial start to the male masturbation market in the 1970s. There was an enormous unsatisfied pool of male desire. It was in these years that images started to take over from “dime novels,” where all you had was text. (The appeal of text…

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