Blasting “Toy” Language in Vibrators

  There’s a feeling of portentous solemnity that hangs over this Yahoo Life piece like a shroud.  “Antiquated gender-specific and belittling,”  referring to vibrators as “toys.”  Really? Of course, the Facebook posture is even worse.  They won’t promote “sexual pleasure,” as though that were comparable to ageism or sizeism. C’mon, people.  Sex is about fun. …

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Miley Cyrus’s Publicity Ploy

living room

Call me skeptical, but I don’t believe that Miley Cyrus decorates her home with sex toys, despite a Yahoo news report that says she does. The idea is is wildly impractical. How would the logistics work? “This is my vibrator sofa, but be careful where you sit.  Oh, sorry about that.” Or does she use things…

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