Are Sadism and Masochism Protected?


Finding the Villain Hard to figure out who’s the real villain in the destruction of Cami Strella’s graduate program. The Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC?  Evidently not.  A University spokesman told the Washington Post they have no policy against digital sex work (Cami had a risqué Only Fans account). Unfeeling bureaucracy?  Not really.  Title IX…

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Jeff Zucker Chooses Romance Over Human Resources

killing romance

Romance or Human Resources? I get it.  I know why companies insist on work colleagues making a declaration if they become involved — even if Jeff Zucker is involved.  It’s to protect the less powerful one — usually the woman — from retaliation if things go south. This is actually quite a laudable objective, but…

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The Dubious Cult of Hugh Hefner

Crystal Hefner's Transformation

I’ve got an idea. Let’s change the caption on EOnline‘s photo (the image that’s associated with the article, “Hugh Hefner’s Wife Crystal Unveils the ‘Real’ Her After Removing ‘Everything Fake’ From Her Body” written by Lindsay Weinberg) to read “Joe Average and Crystal Hefner.” Then what you’ve got is a greedy old man with the…

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Blasting “Toy” Language in Vibrators

  There’s a feeling of portentous solemnity that hangs over this Yahoo Life piece like a shroud.  “Antiquated gender-specific and belittling,”  referring to vibrators as “toys.”  Really? Of course, the Facebook posture is even worse.  They won’t promote “sexual pleasure,” as though that were comparable to ageism or sizeism. C’mon, people.  Sex is about fun. …

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Something Stinks, and It’s Not Vaginas

female hygiene products

Full marks to the educators and parents who, according to an article in the Washington Post by Abigail Higgins, don’t want their teenage daughters to feel uneasy about their “vaginal health.”  But why would teenage girls and young women feel “uneasy” about this? Needless Anxiety About Vaginal Health Most guys don’t feel uneasy about their “penile…

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Is Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram Photo Inappropriate?


Should Candace Cameron Bure’s have posted a personal photo on her Instagram account? Certainly. There was no controversy here, and no apology was necessary. I’m pleased that none was given, either. Her television father, Bob Saget, agrees with me. There is something sweet about this photo of Ms. Bure and her husband with his hand…

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Where Do the Legs Go?

where do the legs go

It’s hard to tell who gives more awful sex advice: the media or the experts.   Much of the media’s depiction of sex seems directed at 14-year-olds, who can’t figure out where the legs go.  The experts seem completely hung up on making people feel good about themselves, which is not really the name of…

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Dr. Ruth Westheimer Seems Out of Touch

Advice for the 1950s

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who fled Germany in 1938 as an orphan of the Holocaust, is very much a child of the twentieth century.  But why is she answering viewers’ questions about sex in the age of the coronavirus on CNN? How is she still relevant? A Voice of the 1950s Dr. Ruth has made her…

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Sex Cult Leader Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison


NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere has been sentenced to 120 years in prison. That doesn’t surprise me. Wealthy young women tend to have a thing for sex and violence cults.  Keith Raniere would have been just another two-bit sex-cult leader if he hadn’t enticed Claire Bronfman, heiress of the famous Bronfman family, and India…

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The Media Hothouse of Sanctimony and Jeff Toobin

Media Hothouse of Sanctimony

Joe Berkowitz’s prissy “Four Minute Read,” a Fast Company article called “I can’t believe we need to say this, but it’s never okay to masturbate during a work meeting,” unloads on Jeff Toobin as a kind of media-celebrity sex offender.  Berkowitz reminds us of the “unspoken precedent of never whipping your dick out during office hours.”…

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