Blasting “Toy” Language in Vibrators

  There’s a feeling of portentous solemnity that hangs over this Yahoo Life piece like a shroud.  “Antiquated gender-specific and belittling,”  referring to vibrators as “toys.”  Really? Of course, the Facebook posture is even worse.  They won’t promote “sexual pleasure,” as though that were comparable to ageism or sizeism. C’mon, people.  Sex is about fun. …

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The Sex Toy Industry Is Better Than Michael Morrison

sex toys

  I don’t want to criticize Atlanta and its suburbs,  which have given Michael Morrison such a hard time, as prudish or retrograde.  We recall that, in the recent US presidential elections, Atlanta has emerged as a bastion of liberalism, and Joe Biden carried Georgia!  So, in Georgia, they must be doing something right.  It’s…

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