Jeff Toobin Is Back After Zoom Masturbation Drama

zoom call

The Jeff Toobin story:  Just when we thought we’d reached the acme of simpering political righteousness, a new challenge appears:  Toobin’s reinstatement!  With the same faux-earnestness the media displays in covering the latest he-touched-her-arm story (remember Al Franken, anyone?), the correctoids of the WaPo now light upon CNN for its supposed indifference to the norms…

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Creating a Disease to Fit the Drug


A Problem for Every Drug Isn’t it curious how something is barely noticed until a drug is created for it? Then it becomes an epidemic. Take what started out as “female sexual interest/arousal disorder” in DSM-5 in 2013. Fancy that! Two years later, a drug — Boehringer-Ingelheim’s Flibanserin (Addyi™) — was created for it, after…

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