Culture Appropriation or Flab? Ask Kim Kardashian.


It’s Not About Cultural Appropriation The problem here is not “cultural appropriation,” as CNN and various critics believe.  Kim Kardashian is not appropriating Japanese culture by naming her form-shaping products “kimono,” anymore than Ford is appropriating Italian culture by naming a car the “Cortina.”  Austin’s “Montego” and Bentley’s “Mulsanne” are not cultural appropriations either, even…

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Leggings Are Now Dominant in Our Culture

In a recent New York Times article, Vanessa Friedman asks, ” When did leggings make the leap from garment to cultural lightning rod?” When, indeed? The appeal of leggings is not rocket science. And the priests at Notre Dame know evil when they see it: Women’s legs and butts look terrific in the leggings silhouette.…

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