Whose Opinion About Porn Really Matters?

The truth about porn

Damon Young of the Washington Post, and many other people, make the assumption is that most people whose opinions matter to you would feel awful if anyone found out they had worked in the adult industry.  But this assumption is wrong.  This isn’t the 1950s anymore.  Look at it economically:  You’re entitled to a good…

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Cheating With Wireless Anal Beads

Sometimes you don’t know whether to poop or go blind.  Hans Niemann is kicked out of the STL chess club because he supposedly wore “wireless anal beads” to cheat. Really?  I hope somebody in the STL leadership has a house, because it’s Niemann’s now.  Of course, he will sue them.  The accusation is so humiliating…

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The Villages, Politics, and STDs

Villages and STDs

Why has this myth about seniors in the Villages — a retirement village in Florida — been so tenacious?  The seniors are thought to be a breeding ground of STDs.   It is a myth that simply won’t go away, despite the lack of evidence. Payback for Politics The reason is payback for the oldsters’…

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Sex Work Is Psychotherapy

Sex Workers Are Psychotherapists

This Washington Post story is a hodgepodge about destigmatization and internal authority, neither of which is very interesting.  But the writer misses the main point about sex work (hooking):  It’s about giving psychotherapy. Hooking in and of itself is not really riveting:  So many people work on the margins.  If they are not doing it…

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Is Prince William Flowing Toward Polymorphous Sexuality?


Whew!  The anus, finally!  That would be yet another step towards what Freud called “polymorphous perversity.”  But that sounds reproachful, and we might just call it polymorphous sexuality, getting away from plain old penetration and into seeing many areas of the body as erogenous zones. Polymorphous Sexuality Involves Multiple Body Parts What areas?  The anus,…

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Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) Isn’t All In Your Head


The Proto piece treats “Functional Neurological Disorder” (FND) with a kind of wounded indignation.  Finally, we know it’s not all in your head! But careful here.  Sure, there have been imaging findings.  But there are imaging findings for everything.  All thought involves cerebral activity that can be visualized in sophisticated imaging.  The reality of the…

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Are Sadism and Masochism Protected?


Finding the Villain Hard to figure out who’s the real villain in the destruction of Cami Strella’s graduate program. The Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, NC?  Evidently not.  A University spokesman told the Washington Post they have no policy against digital sex work (Cami had a risqué Only Fans account). Unfeeling bureaucracy?  Not really.  Title IX…

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Sexism in the Olympics

    This is one of those stories where one doesn’t know whether to poop or go blind.  The women had to struggle so hard to get ski-jumping listed as an Olympic sport.  And now they face these apparently quite arbitrary disqualifications. Canada’s Abigail Strate, the winner by default, said, “. . .  just goes to…

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Is Stormy Daniels a Prostitute?


Is Stormy Daniels a prostitute?  This question has now been answered in the affirmative by the online media, and it is generally assumed that Trump gave her money for the one time (or few times) that he had sex with her. Pornography Is Lucrative Here is a fact that has not really been brought out…

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Jeff Zucker Chooses Romance Over Human Resources

killing romance

Romance or Human Resources? I get it.  I know why companies insist on work colleagues making a declaration if they become involved — even if Jeff Zucker is involved.  It’s to protect the less powerful one — usually the woman — from retaliation if things go south. This is actually quite a laudable objective, but…

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