Is Prince William Flowing Toward Polymorphous Sexuality?


Whew!  The anus, finally!  That would be yet another step towards what Freud called “polymorphous perversity.”  But that sounds reproachful, and we might just call it polymorphous sexuality, getting away from plain old penetration and into seeing many areas of the body as erogenous zones.

Polymorphous Sexuality Involves Multiple Body Parts

What areas?  The anus, for sure.  This has been in the works for heterosexual men since the 1970s and, to a lesser extent, for heterosexual women.  (See the books in my sexuality series, Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire, and  volume II in the series, Stormy’s World.).)

There is nothing perverse about anal play. Rumor has it that Prince William relishes being pegged with a strap on, which requires a partner self-confident enough to wear one.  But I think this is something many people, royal or not, can get into it.

Then there are the nipples, up to now a big no-go zone for hetero men but now part of routine sex-play: teasing, worshipping, and torturing the nipples — this can be a lot of fun, and they’re having their day in court.

Dressing for Sex

Dressing for sex is more a matter of what you take out of your closet than of zones.  But fetish is becoming huge. Leather is all over the porn landscape.  There are virtually no female porn stars who are not booted, and leather jeans are becoming a big number for men.  Check out the club scene.  Many women know full well that, if they want to draw the male eye, it helps to be booted.  I don’t know if Prince William is into leather — maybe on his female partners.   The royals are not big on wearing leather in public.  They prefer uniforms.  But fetish is part of the polymorphous picture.

A kind of light bdsm is also on the polymorphous track, restraining your partner and then engaging in an almost symbolic level of whipping — meaning, not leaving big welts.   Sex shops say that sales of handcuffs and floggers are through the roof.  This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is on the polymorphous mainline.

So, bottom line: Prince William is a child of his time. He’s going with the flow, and the flow is going towards polymorphous sexuality.  There may be more royal news here.  Stay tuned.



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