Jeff Toobin Is Back After Zoom Masturbation Drama

zoom call

The Jeff Toobin story:  Just when we thought we’d reached the acme of simpering political righteousness, a new challenge appears:  Toobin’s reinstatement!  With the same faux-earnestness the media displays in covering the latest he-touched-her-arm story (remember Al Franken, anyone?), the correctoids of the WaPo now light upon CNN for its supposed indifference to the norms of “wokeness.”

He masturbated on camera!  Death would be too good for him!  Instead, he’s reinstated.

This apparent indifference to the line between an accidental peccadillo and a deliberate assault can only stem from the desire of one news outlet  to out-pander the other.  Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the woke-iest of them all!  The New York Times is still in the running, for sure.  But can The Beast and The New Republic be far behind?

As for the argument that the Masturbation Affair disqualifies Toobin from ever covering sexuality for CNN, this is absurd.  If I burn the cake, does that disqualify me from writing about cooking?


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