Decriminalizing Prostitution in Maine

decriminalize prostitution

Maine may decriminalize prostitution. What is good news in all this is that a number of prosecutors at the state level are no longer pursuing prostitution as a criminal matter.  This should have happened about 200 years ago, but Jonathan Edwards (the New England religious fanatic) got in the way.  Still, better late than never.…

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Jeff Toobin Is Back After Zoom Masturbation Drama

zoom call

The Jeff Toobin story:  Just when we thought we’d reached the acme of simpering political righteousness, a new challenge appears:  Toobin’s reinstatement!  With the same faux-earnestness the media displays in covering the latest he-touched-her-arm story (remember Al Franken, anyone?), the correctoids of the WaPo now light upon CNN for its supposed indifference to the norms…

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Treatment-Resistant Depression Does Not Need Nitrous Oxide

laughing gas

That nitrous oxide shows some efficacy in “treatment-resistant” depression is not a big surprise, nor is it a particularly welcome one.  Several points: “Treatment-resistant depression” merely means depressions that have been inadequately treated.  Most “depression pills,” Prozac and its cousins, would fall into the category of inadequate treatments, because they simply are not very effective…

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