Yearbook Photos and Hypocrisy in Johns County, Florida


Once again, what Baltimore editor H. L. Mencken called the “American boobsie” takes command, but this time in St. Johns County, Florida.  “Indecent exposure.” As Yelena Dzhanova reports, a bit of cleavage is showing in the yearbook photos.  But in Trumpland, we mandate none at all.  These ninth-grade girls are just growing and getting accustomed to their newly adolescent bodies.  Now they learn that this is shameful!   The Reverend Billy Graham wouldn’t approve of cleavage, they are told.  This is such massive hypocrisy:  On the one hand, the bubbas frequent massage parlous for hand jobs. On the other, their ever-vigilant wives militate against cleavage.

Mammas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Porn Stars

If there was ever a place where prissiness said hi to sanctimony, it was in St. Johns County, Florida.   The boring part is that their politics are so utterly predicable:  You know that they think the election was stolen, that January 6 was just a gentle touristic excursion, and that the DC Democrats, in their hellish underground kitchens, conspire to eat babies.

This is all just so much of a piece. One can only hope that these kids choose careers as porn stars.


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