Yearbook Photos and Hypocrisy in Johns County, Florida


Once again, what Baltimore editor H. L. Mencken called the “American boobsie” takes command, but this time in St. Johns County, Florida.  “Indecent exposure.” As Yelena Dzhanova reports, a bit of cleavage is showing in the yearbook photos.  But in Trumpland, we mandate none at all.  These ninth-grade girls are just growing and getting accustomed…

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Variety Is the Key to Good Sex

leather boots

In her article, “The No. 1 Barrier To Good Sex For Women Over 50 — And How To Overcome It,” Tracey Cox makes the mistake — easy enough to do in the “body positivity” literature — of pandering to women.  “Just feel good about yourself and everything will fall into place,” she advises. What Men…

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The Problem With Polyamory


  Well, polyamory, hey!  This is what the industry refers to as ggb (girl-girl-boy), or bbg (boy-boy-girl), and it has been a staple in adult films for decades.  But now the real world is catching up. No one can criticize Willow Smith for making a perfectly valid lifestyle choice.  She doesn’t like having sex as…

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