Mormon Morality Is Complicated

Stories like this have the effect of portraying the Mormon Church as some kind of moral dinosaur.  The story is a bit more complicated than that. Natasha Helfer was much criticized within the Latter Day Saints for espousing  positions that were directly in conflict with Church teachings, such as okaying masturbation for her clients, or…

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Blasting “Toy” Language in Vibrators

  There’s a feeling of portentous solemnity that hangs over this Yahoo Life piece like a shroud.  “Antiquated gender-specific and belittling,”  referring to vibrators as “toys.”  Really? Of course, the Facebook posture is even worse.  They won’t promote “sexual pleasure,” as though that were comparable to ageism or sizeism. C’mon, people.  Sex is about fun. …

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Feeling Conflicted About Matt Gaetz’s Sex Scandal

Congressman Matt Gaetz

I viewed the New York Times‘ report about Matt Gaetz’s sex scandal with mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I am glad to see the political career of Gaetz, a despicable figure and “Trump ally,” coming to an apparent end.  His toadying, pandering, and posturing on behalf of far-right-wing political fantasies are loathsome, and maybe his…

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