Sex Addiction Allegedly Motivates Spa Shootings



According to NBC News, a suspect in the recent deadly spa shootings in Atlanta, Georgia claims he was motivated by a sex addiction. An abundance of political correctness has made even more baffling several aspects of this tragic story:

  1.  “Hate crime”?  Maybe the perpetrator hated Asians.  But it’s also possible that he hated massage-parlors, and it is mainly Asians who work at them.  Thus, his hitting out against these spas would inevitably affect their Asian employees.


  1.  The sex angle.  Most young men are preoccupied with sex.  Learning that the perpetrator was similarly preoccupied explains little.  But why is this young man preoccupied with massage spas?  They just do massages, don’t they?  No. It is widely known that spa employees often masturbate their clients or provide oral sex.  It It is very probable that the spas in question administered sexual services, and that he patronized them for sex, not massage.  Otherwise, the “massage” angle is incomprehensible.


  1.  It’s early days but the question arises, what would motivate such a young man to perpetrate such a terrible crime?  Sex preoccupation?  This case has “psychosis” written all over it, and unless I miss my guess, he will turn out to have a major mental illness.


The speculation that these murders were “hate crimes” has been politically correct.  The recent wave of violence against Asians has been appalling, but the “hate” label may not serve us well in this particular case.

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