Masturbation: Its Purpose and Its Variations



Sofia Barrett-Ibarria’s article for Vice, “How to Enjoy Masturbation,” raises a trivial concept. How to enjoy masturbation more is, in a sense, like asking “how to enjoy a five-mile run  more?”  Answer:  Wear earphones.

The essential question is: what is the purpose of masturbation?  And the answer is: to extend the sexual imagination, and to make concrete in your fantasies acts that you might previously have had only a shadow awareness of.  Take for, example girl/girl sex, as it is called.  Many women have a vague inclination that this might be something they’d like to try, without a very clear idea of what it entails.  Masturbation, with a vibrator and a few images from internet Flickr, will clear this up quickly:  yay or nay?

So yeah, to keep masturbation from becoming a tedious and predictable routine,  keep in mind that Nature determined it as a way to turn us on, rather than to turn us off. If you need some inspiration, Barrett-Ibarria’s article may provide it.

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