Strange Bedfellows, Indeed

What do a deputy sheriff and a porn star have in common? I’ll get to the sheriff’s deputy in moment.  But first,  let’s talk about Ron Jeremy. The Case of Porn Star Ron Jeremy This is not meant in any sense to be en exculpation of porn star Ron Jeremy, who is very famous and…

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The Jeffrey Toobin Witch Hunt

Jeff Toobin Witch Hunt

The story about former New Yorker legal writer Jeffrey Toobin’s problems reminds of of the Salem witch trials.  We’re being assaulted with a series of pieces on masturbating at work and how awful it is, whether or not you know you are being watched. Masturbation Doesn’t Require Termination In Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley writes, “The issue…

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Nicholas Kristof Blows the Whistle on Pornhub


Nicholas Kristof was absolutely right to blow the whistle on Pornhub in his New York Times piece, since the dissemination of child pornography is absolutely unacceptable.  Yet the reaction Kristof touched off seems to be more anti-porn than anti-child abuse.  People are jumping up and down in rage in Nebraska, because the article gives them…

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Sexual Misconduct in the FBI

Sexual Harassment Accountability

Accountability for Sexual Misconduct May Vary Sexual misconduct stories, such as the one the Associated Press reported recently, don’t just “shake senior ranks” of the FBI.  They shake everyone with a social conscience.  Such workplace harassment is absolutely intolerable in an era where women are expected to aspire in the workplace to careers, just as…

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