Is Candace Cameron Bure’s Instagram Photo Inappropriate?


Should Candace Cameron Bure’s have posted a personal photo on her Instagram account? Certainly.

There was no controversy here, and no apology was necessary. I’m pleased that none was given, either. Her television father, Bob Saget, agrees with me.

There is something sweet about this photo of Ms. Bure and her husband with his hand pridefully on her breast.  They are taking pleasure in their God-given bodies, and if God had not wanted our bodies to be instruments of pleasure, He would have covered us with scales.

Confusing Piety With Prissiness

The problem is that, with many Christians, piety and prissiness are often conflated.  Open expressions of sexual desire, however mutual and caring, make many people uneasy.

These people are prudes.  They are being prissy.  There clearly is a time and a place for everything, and you might not want to march late into Sunday worship with your hand on your wife’s ass.  But still, God dwells within the sensuous body — and there is actually no problem here.

Christianity and White Supremacy

A similar issue arises with the conflation of Christianity and White Supremacy.  Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support Trump, not because he is a man of the Lord (he is not!), but because he promises to continue the reign of White Supremacy in the South.

Having separate “white” and “coloured” drinking foundations (I remember this from when I was a boy) is not something that is sanctioned in the Bible, but a guarantor of the maintenance of White Power.  And these imbeciles actually march bravely into Sunday services wearing their MAGA hats!

Christianity is responsible for so much that is awful.  Let’s not make it repressive of something that is lovely.




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