The Media Hothouse of Sanctimony and Jeff Toobin

Joe Berkowitz’s prissy “Four Minute Read,” a Fast Company article called “I can’t believe we need to say this, but it’s never okay to masturbate during a work meeting,” unloads on Jeff Toobin as a kind of media-celebrity sex offender.  Berkowitz reminds us of the “unspoken precedent of never whipping your dick out during office hours.”

Yeah, but that would be deliberate.

The Difference Between Deliberate and Accidental Sexual Acts

Toobin’s imputed offence involved an action that was non-deliberate, conducted in the deep privacy of his home — not in Berkowitz’s “office” — in the mistaken belief that no one was watching.

Berkowitz, waving the moralist’s sword, demands of that “He [Toobin] should face the consequences for that.”

This is just like going back to Sunday school, or to North Carolina for Cal Cunningham’s campaign — Cunningham apparently wrote an intimate note to a fellow soldier’s wife.  Can you imagine the infamy!  They have sinned. and now they must face God’s wrath!

Sex Crimes, Real and Imagined

To be clear:  Nobody thinks it’s okay to masturbate at the office, which seems to be Berkowitz’s bottom line.  But how about in the privacy of your bathroom?  Oh, my God, somebody forgot to turn off the Zoom camera!

Berkowitz and others on the trail of Toobin’s imagined sex crimes are unable to distinguish accidental events from intentional events.  In the Media Hothouse of Sanctimony, it’s really all the same, isn’t it.


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