Humiliating Rudy Giuliani Is Just the Beginning


The photo of Rudy Giuliani with his hand in his pants is a Currier and Ives miniature of the whole Trump mob with their hand in our pants.  The irony is just stunning.

Giuliani went to this hotel room anticipating an hour (more like five minutes) of bliss.

Who Will Cleanse the Sins of the President?

Trump is now anticipating four more years of bliss.

Where is the Borat who will rumble this?  Joe Biden, sure.  But Biden, a decent man, doesn’t have the vindictiveness necessary to cleanse these Augean stables.  “This is a list of what you guys did?  Guess what, it’s all toast.”

“And your gang?  They’re all toast, too.”

To do this properly requires the sword of the avenger.  We’ll humiliate Giuliani.  That’s just the beginning.

“Your whole sordid gang: blot out their names and plow their lands with salt.”

That’s biblical.  Rudy is first.

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