Ron Jeremy: From Aging Pornstar to Alleged Rapist

Arrest of Pornstar Ron Jeremy

The only question about porn actor/filmmaker/comedian Ron Jeremy’s being charged with rape is: Why did it take so long?

Only Some of the “Thousands of Women” Were Paid Professionals

Jeremy boasted over the years of having had sex with “thousands” of women.

He had most of this activity, of course, on camera, as the adult industry’s most recognizable male pornstar.  Much of this action was professional, in the sense that the women were paid to appear with him in a porn video.

But not all of it was professional.

Dehumanizing Women

He circulated in the bars and tried to make pickups.  His line must have been: “Hey, I’m the famous Ron Jeremy.”

The problem was that he clearly grew accustomed to regarding women as pieces of meat who were there for his own disposition.  In a sense, he  dehumanized them.

It must, then, have discouraged him terribly that over the years he grew physically repulsive:  overweight, unhandsome — having lost whatever good looks he might once have possessed — and, by some accounts, odiferous as well.  Just what you, as an upwardly mobile young woman, would want to have in your bed. Or, more likely, not.

When an Aging Pornstar Loses It

I cannot fairly judge this from afar, but a number of women accuse Jeremy of having raped them.  The accusation is not incredible:  “Aging pornstar loses it, but continues to take sex for granted”  is the headline.

Such a sense of entitlement is monstrous. And it led from a paradise that many males could only envision, to a hell of force-majeure sex   and deeply entrenched misogyny.  There is a lesson here for all male pornstars — and indeed for all males:  when women no longer want to sleep with you voluntarily, you should  retire from the stage and collect stamps.

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