Ron Jeremy: From Aging Pornstar to Alleged Rapist

Arrest of Adult film star Ron Jeremy

The only question about porn actor/filmmaker/comedian Ron Jeremy’s being charged with rape is: Why did it take so long? Only Some of the “Thousands of Women” Were Paid Professionals Jeremy boasted over the years of having had sex with “thousands” of women. He had most of this activity, of course, on camera, as the adult…

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Who Is #LadyGraham, and Why Do We Care?


Who Is #LadyGraham? The sex lives of politicians are of infinite interest, mainly because we have an inborn fondness for scandal.   But let’s grant that U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) is gay.  Nothing new here.  The political spectrum is dotted with figures who are either out of the closet or presumed gay, to say…

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