The Adult Entertainment Industry Takes Care of Its Own

Donald Trump and Porn

Lynn Comella’s analysis in a recent Washington Post article is excellent.  Of the current porn scholars, Comella is arguably the most knowledgeable and articulate.

Free Speech Coalition Protects Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult entertainment industry can get along without government help. As Comelia says, “The adult community, led by the industry’s main trade association, the Free Speech Coalition, is coming together to take care of its own.” The industry will look after itself at the same time as it protects the First Amendment.

Whose Side Is Donald Trump On?

Yet there’s another reason why the adult industry doesn’t have that much to fear from the current anti-porn pushback.  It’s that the Big Bopper himself, the President, is totally unbelievable as a porn-foe.

There is something honest and straightforward about the industry:  “We know what people get off on.  Here’s a bit you might like.”  This is not everybody’s cup of tea, to be sure, but adult entertainment has millions of followers.

Trump’s approach to sex is anything but honest and straightforward.  He beds porn stars, then pays them to be quiet.   He brags about grabbing women by the genitals while the face of his bride freezes in horror.   His sexual appetites seem unbounded, his interest in the dignity of his  partners zero.

An Advertisement for Porn

Trump and the squadron of failed toadies around him are worse than useless as anti-porn warriors.  They are an advertisement for why we need porn!  The straightforward salaciousness of the industry is an antidote to all the pandering hypocrisy of the Oval Office.  Ten minutes on PornHub, and your day begins well.  You have affirmed the solid coin of sexual desire.  Ten minutes of watching Trump on the tube makes you want to wash your hands.  It is inconceivable that this incompetent blowhard has become the President of the United States.

As a porn-foe, he would be a joke.  As a porn-friend, he would leave us reaching for the Soft Soap. Or perhaps the Clorox bleach.

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