Webcamming Relieves Males’ Boredom During Quarantine


Respectfully Justin

The story of Justin LaBoy’s “Respectfully Justin” shows what a toll the quarantine is taking on the male tolerance for boredom.  You have been able for years to watch young women webcamming as they dance, or take it all off, or whatever.  This is a normal part of the adult scene. But these guys haven’t watched it.  So, hey, who knew that you can see babes doing this stuff?

And then there are the dancers.   What “Respectfully” does is to rope in a new tranche of female players by letting them stay anonymous.  In normal webcamming, you don’t stay anonymous.

But what is even more interesting is the guys.  They  discover for the first time that you can find erotic young females webcamming, and apparently, webcamming for them!  You get to send them money!  Whoever heard of such a revolutionary scheme:  giving female sex workers money!

Discoveries During Boredom

Normally, these guys would apparently have been far from the ”Respectfully” scene, going about their erotic business in their own way.  But now, crushed with boredom, they’re reaching out to do things they never knew existed!  This is kind of sweet, in a way.  Are you guys such newbies that you’ve never heard of webcamming?

But, for the women, this is terrific.  Having lost their jobs as flight attendants or whatever, they can dance anonymously, and have men send them badly needed money.

These are, in essence, two populations of newbies:  the female dancers and the guys hitting the “send” button.  How wonderful that they’ve found each other . . . .

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