Sex Industry Changes During the Pandemic

Adult Entertainment in Japan

CNN Tells Only Part of the Story CNN’s, Will Ripley, recently reported about the fact that the sex industry has collapsed in Japan. He is partly correct, anyway. Sex work has changed everywhere. Japan is just one country of many where streetworkers have fallen on hard times. And despite the primly moralizing tone of this…

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Webcamming Relieves Males’ Boredom During Quarantine


Respectfully Justin The story of Justin LaBoy’s “Respectfully Justin” shows what a toll the quarantine is taking on the male tolerance for boredom.  You have been able for years to watch young women webcamming as they dance, or take it all off, or whatever.  This is a normal part of the adult scene. But these…

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Porn Spikes During the Pandemic

boredom during a pandemic

According to Pornhub, on March 6,  2020, its worldwide traffic was up 11.6 percent; in the U.S., it increased 6.4 percent and, in Italy — which, at the time, was hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic — it was up 57 percent. In the porn world, if there’s a crisis beyond the pandemic and the…

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