Mikaela Spielberg Chooses a Career in Adult Entertainment

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According to various news sources,  Mikaela Spielberg — daughter of famed film director Steven Spielberg — has chosen a career in the adult entertainment industry. This may not have been exactly the career Steven Spielberg had hoped his daughter would pursue.

But, as Mikaela points out, the decision was hers alone to make.

She may well like her new life, even if her friends’ parents (and her father’s fans and colleagues) don’t.

Maybe This Will Be a Brilliant Career Choice…

Young women who “model” in the adult industry have the potential of making a lot of money if they become directors and producers — and there is no reason why, with the Spielberg name and skill-set, she would not succeed at that.

…Or Maybe Not

But there is a potential source of confusion here, which the term “sex worker” glosses over.  There is a difference between escorts and actors. And of the two, escorting is probably preferable, because you get to choose your own working conditions and partners.  In adult-acting, you don’t.

And you have to have sex the way some director (who likely has far less talent and cinematic experience than Steven Spielberg) wants, rather than the way you choose.  (As an escort, of course, you choose the program.). The money in escorting — at least at this level — is probably better, as well.

Mikaela will probably discover, if she doesn’t know already, that there is a lively to-ing and fro-ing between film and escorting.  Many models continue to work in front of the camera, even as they escort,  because it raises their escorting profile and lets them charge a higher rate.

Being a model is not, itself, intrinsically all that appealing.  Within the adult industry, it is the last thing that people who work behind the camera would choose for their daughters.  And the models have very low status within the industry, even though they may be beautiful and talented young women.

I describe all this in greater detail in my book, Stormy’s World: Inside Porn.  In fact, I have several chapters devoted to it, and followers of this blog who are contemplating a career in the adult industry might take a look at the material so they will go into this line of work with their eyes open.



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