You’d Be Lucky to Find a Valentine Like Stormy Daniels


Today is Valentine’s Day!  And a number of readers of my book Stormy’s World are asking themselves, has Stormy Daniels ruined this special day with lust rather than love?

Mais non!  Not at all!  For Stormy, every day is Valentine’s Day!  She has never been a figurehead for emotionless coupling.  Those deep eyes breathe attachment, not desire.  And even though Stormy has become the go-to person for unbridled sex and Porn, Porn is not necessarily soulless coupling, like railway cars in a marshaling yard.

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes attachment on the porn set.  Not necessarily on all sets, where the phrase “Get the hell off me” is not unknown.  But on sets where the action continues well after the director has yelled “Cut!”

And the players may hook up afterwards, and become attached.  Stormy has a history of such attachments.

So, on this special day, Stormy should not be made the Poster Person for passionless lust. Rather, if you are looking for someone special in your life, you’d be bloody lucky if the person you find is Stormy Daniels.

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