Proposed Legislation to Fingerprint Porn Stars


According to a recent NBC News story, a “California bill to force porn actors to get fingerprinted outrages the adult industry.” Proposed Legislation Is a Terrible Idea It seems to me that the proposed legislation is a terrible idea, for several reasons:  It conflates prostitution and porn starring. In Europe, prostitution is legal and regulated,…

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Mikaela Spielberg Chooses a Career in Adult Entertainment

Stormy's World: Inside Porn

According to various news sources,  Mikaela Spielberg — daughter of famed film director Steven Spielberg — has chosen a career in the adult entertainment industry. This may not have been exactly the career Steven Spielberg had hoped his daughter would pursue. But, as Mikaela points out, the decision was hers alone to make. She may…

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A Tragic and Unusual Choking Death

female empowerment

The death of a British backpacker, Grace Millane, is a tragedy.  A young woman lost her life, and that is horrible. Her 28-year-old murderer received a sentence of life imprisonment, and I hope he serves as many years of that sentence as the courts allow. The perpetrator strangled his victim, according to CNN. Then he…

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You’d Be Lucky to Find a Valentine Like Stormy Daniels


Today is Valentine’s Day!  And a number of readers of my book Stormy’s World are asking themselves, has Stormy Daniels ruined this special day with lust rather than love? Mais non!  Not at all!  For Stormy, every day is Valentine’s Day!  She has never been a figurehead for emotionless coupling.  Those deep eyes breathe attachment,…

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