Is Nudity Porn?

According to a recent article in Yahoo Entertainment, it seems that singer and talk show host Marie Osmond is appalled at a stepmother who was walking around topless at home in front of her stepchildren. Ms. Osmond hopes the criminal justice system will charge the woman with a crime because, apparently, Marie finds nudity to be appalling.

What is appalling is the Utah “authorities” and the facility with which they level  charges of “lewdness.”  Semi-naked at home, while doing hot, laborious work — this is “lewd?”  In Utah, one is transported back to the 1950s and the stifling motion-picture codes of the day.

The Osmond family, along with many residents of Utah, famously adhere to the Mormon faith. However, one can respect the Mormon faith, and the desire for sexual modesty, without reaching into private homes and prescribing what everyone has to wear at all times.  Don’t get them started on the subject of “pyjamas.”



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