Twin Obsessions: Big Breasts and Erotomania


Big Beautiful Women Attract the Unhinged

Aurora Snow’s Daily Beast piece, “Inside Porn’s Scary Death-Threat Epidemic: ‘You’re Always Looking Over Your Shoulder,’” is psychologically perceptive:  BBW (Big Beautiful Women) attract the unhinged.  There are lots of targets these days for the unhinged, from the Democratic candidates to the local high school.  But why would these marginalized losers go after BBW porn stars?

Twin Obsessions

There may be two obsessions at play here:

1. One is the American obsession with big breasts. “Big” refers to breast size, and porn star Sofia Rose has breasts that in Europe would cry out for reduction surgery. Here, they earn her top dollar. Most women do not have breasts that are a third their body size, and it is curious that there is such a U.S. following for what is essentially an anatomical curiosity.

2. Second is an obsession with erotomania, the technical term for this kind of stalking. Erotomania means the delusional belief that someone is in love with you, possibly even someone you’ve never met, like a movie star or a porn star. It is only her evil mate that prevents her from reciprocating your love. But finally love turns to hate, as the erotomane’s desire is unfulfilled and he decides to wreak vengeance upon her. So he begins stalking her, or sending her death threats. “That’ll fix the bitch. I’ll teach her to turn her back on me.” Movie stars are well familiar with this kind of stalking, and it is a horrible nuisance for them. It is a potentially dangerous nuisance as the erotomane’s lust for vengeance turns to violence. Erotomania is by no means an American monopoly. Yet there are more movie- and pornstars here than elsewhere: It is a target-rich environment.

Big Breasts and Erotomania

So we have these twin obsessions nestled side by side:  big breasts and erotomania.  Poor Sofia Rose, who can do nothing about the equipment with which her Maker endowed her (her breasts do not have the firm, rounded appearance of a breast job). She earns her living as a performer. Therefore, she has to put up with these breast-obsessed idiots who are a hair’s width from violence.

The police should be on this like seagulls on a shrimp boat.  But they do nothing for “sex workers” until a tragedy happens.


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