Japanese Sexual Behaviour and Male Virginity

male virginity

Japan does stand out sexually in various ways but let’s not confuse oranges and apples.  There’s a difference between having sex and getting married.  The CBS News piece, “The cautionary tale of Japan’s ‘sex recession,'” explores Japan’s high “male virginity” rate.  But the explanations are all about how economically difficult it is to get married.

Also, don’t Japanese wives have jobs?  Also, what’s the “female virginity rate” like?

Here are the real questions:

What aspects of Japanese sexual behaviour permit us to understand both high male and high female virginity rates?

For one thing, the Japanese are more given over to fantasy sex as opposed to the real variety.  According to Pornhub data from 2018, Japanese women are 110 percent more likely to watch cartoon (hentai) sex than women elsewhere in the world (and 123 percent more likely to favour golden-showers porn).  Nowhere else do women display these choices.  I haven’t seen stats on what Japanese males watch.  But assuming that their choices are similar to women’s, we’ve got one explanation for high male virginity right here:  They’re into fantasy-cartoon sex and have little interest in the real variety.

Japanese Are Not Asexual

It’s not that the Japanese are somehow asexual.  According to Pornhub, the Japanese are the fourth-highest porn viewers in the world (after the US, UK, and India).  And they get off more rapidly than do people elsewhere: average view duration in Japan is 8 min 44 sec (third from bottom; only in India and Russia do they orgasm more quickly).  And a whopping 10 min 37 sec for the languorous Americans, who evidently prop themselves up on one elbow while viewing porn.

Where Porn Is a Male Activity

But here’s the thing: porn viewing in Japan is almost entirely a male activity: only 25 percent of viewers are female — as compared to the Philippines — highest in the female sweepstakes —  where 38 percent of Pornhub viewers are female.

So, if we’re searching for evidence of why “male virginity” in Japan is high and getting higher, it’s because they’re all in the bedroom masturbating to porn.  Under those circumstances, who needs women?

This is not rocket science.








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