Twin Obsessions: Big Breasts and Erotomania

Big Beautiful Women Attract the Unhinged Aurora Snow’s Daily Beast piece, “Inside Porn’s Scary Death-Threat Epidemic: ‘You’re Always Looking Over Your Shoulder,’” is psychologically perceptive:  BBW (Big Beautiful Women) attract the unhinged.  There are lots of targets these days for the unhinged, from the Democratic candidates to the local high school.  But why would these marginalized…

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Good Porn and Bad Porn

porn video

What Is Good Porn? This CNN piece reeks of smarm.  Does “good porn” even exist? asks the headline.  The assumption is that most porn is “bad,” whatever that means. Good porn turns out to be “sexually explicit internet material” — as apparently the author and his colleagues normally call it — that respects everyone’s rights,…

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Japanese Sexual Behaviour and Male Virginity

male virginity

Japan does stand out sexually in various ways but let’s not confuse oranges and apples.  There’s a difference between having sex and getting married.  The CBS News piece, “The cautionary tale of Japan’s ‘sex recession,’” explores Japan’s high “male virginity” rate.  But the explanations are all about how economically difficult it is to get married.…

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