Super Homophobic America


Threatened by Homosexuality

CNN tells about how Super Happy Fun America, the organizers of an upcoming Straight Pride Parade to take place in Boston, Massachusetts next month, were threatened by envelopes filled with a suspicious substance. The police mobilized into action to protect them, and that was the appropriate thing for them to do.

However, with regard to a Straight Pride Parade: this is totally homophobic!  Why would you need a “straight pride” parade, unless you felt threatened by gays. Super Happy Fun America’s members have intolerance written all over them.

Super Happy Fun America

You can see a photo of them in the aforementioned CNN article. Their website is filled with other images that are just as ugly and even uglier petitions you might consider signing if you, too, are homophobic.

All these guys needed were MAGA caps, but they probably took those off for the CNN photo op.

Vice President Mike Pence, of course, is homophobic, too, but he’s from Indiana, and a parade like this is vaguely conceivable in Muncie.  But in Boston?  These nitwits are clearly being bused in from all over.   I don’t think that a straight pride parade that marched down from Harvard to MIT would have much of a following.

Binary Is Out

Just apropos, it’s remarkable how the sex scene has been changing.  “Binary” is out.  There are no longer just two sexual orientations to choose from, but a variety that let you float around this new world of sexual diversity trying different combinations with different people.  I find this very positive, but it is the antithesis of the straight-pride-parade types.  They are dinosaurs, and the sexual wave of the future is polyvalent.



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