Career Paths for Strippers

Changes in the Stripping Industry The stripping industry, like so many other aspects of the adult entertainment world, isn’t what it used to be. Valeriya Safronova’s excellent piece in the New York Times is bang on about the tough working conditions of “dancers,” as they’re usually called. And full-speed ahead for efforts to unionize and…

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The “Bisexual Umbrella”

bisexual unbrella

A recent Yahoo article, “Bella Thorne reveals she’s pansexual: What does it mean,” raises an interesting issue about sexuality. It has changed during the past few years into a palette of choices, and it seems additional possibilities are cropping up all the time. What parades around under the “bisexual umbrella” can be a bit confusing,…

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My Kids Don’t Watch Porn – Here Are My Proven Tips

This is an article written by Dr. Lanae St.John. I offer it with the author’s permission for informational purposes. The author and I have no financial involvement. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED BY THE AUTHOR ARE HER OWN AND DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT MY VIEW. My Kids Don’t Watch Porn – Here Are My Proven Tips By Dr.…

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Stormy’s World: Inside Porn by Edward Shorter

Exciting News to Share My history of the adult entertainment industry has just been published, and the book is now available on Amazon. It’s the first serious history of the industry ever written, and my original idea was to call it, “A History of the Adult Entertainment Industry,” but then, my agent said,  “No, we’re not…

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Bernie Sanders Puzzles Over Sex Work and Sex Trafficking Differences

sex workers

Sex Work Is Not Sex Trafficking Amazing that Bernie Sanders would admit to having trouble distinguishing between sex work and sex trafficking, and would have to think about it before answering. Is it that difficult for him? That’s like saying you’re having trouble distinguishing between adult entertainment and child porn. What’s the matter with you…

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Super Homophobic America

Threatened by Homosexuality CNN tells about how Super Happy Fun America, the organizers of an upcoming Straight Pride Parade to take place in Boston, Massachusetts next month, were threatened by envelopes filled with a suspicious substance. The police mobilized into action to protect them, and that was the appropriate thing for them to do. However,…

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Culture Appropriation or Flab? Ask Kim Kardashian.


It’s Not About Cultural Appropriation The problem here is not “cultural appropriation,” as CNN and various critics believe.  Kim Kardashian is not appropriating Japanese culture by naming her form-shaping products “kimono,” anymore than Ford is appropriating Italian culture by naming a car the “Cortina.”  Austin’s “Montego” and Bentley’s “Mulsanne” are not cultural appropriations either, even…

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