Today’s Slayings Are Like Yesterday’s Lynchings


Slayings and Lynchings

These tragic slayings of black transgender women are like the lynchings in Mississippi. Then, the victims were black males. This time, the murderers target a different subset of the population, and a different gender. But the cause is the same: the inability of a group of privileged males to handle cultural change.

The lynchings were usually prompted by sexual issues: black men who seemed to be, or who were thought to be, coming on to white women. In the case of the transgender murders, it’s the same deal. People born as biological males are changing their gender to female because, sexually, they feel like women in their bodies — and some other men can’t tolerate that.

Punishments for Supposed Sex Crimes

So the lynchings and the transgender-murders are punishments for supposed sex crimes. The difference is that, historically, no one in the lynch mobs was ever punished. The sheriffs looked the other way.

By contrast, the entire nation is looking on in horror at these transgender murders, and if the perps are caught, there will be huge public pressure on the prosecutors to make an example of them.

I suppose that’s the only good news about how times have changed. And, oh yes, there have been no murders yet of biological females who became transgendered males. The perps in Dallas probably find that situation amusing, even erotic.

But transgendered males?  String ’em up.

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