Intersexuality Changes Penetration and Command


The Future of Sexuality

What is the future of sexuality? More of the same?

No. I think we’re going to move forward in a different direction. Sexuality will be revolutionized.

We will dethrone penetrative sexuality and embrace “intersexuality”–that is, women who behave like men, and men who behave like women.

We’ve been talking about “breaking down the gender barriers” for years. But even without barriers, sex has been traditionally “gendered,” with the men performing penetration, and the women accepting it.

Penetration Patterns Will Change

Now the biological differences between the genders may stick, without either gender dissolving into transsexuality. But the penetration pattern will change.

Here’s how. Women are now getting into “dildo cages” in a big way. The woman locks the man’s penis and testicles into a “chastity cage,” or cock cage, until she decides to take it off. “No more penetration or masturbation for you, buster! Not without my specific permission. And, in the meantime, it is me who is going to penetrate you.”

Sales of strap-ons are also soaring. These give women a fearsome power to penetrate men anally. She is in charge of his sexuality. Can you imagine Doris Day in charge of John Wayne’s sexuality?

So, in intersexuality, traditional patterns of penetration are out the window.

Male and Female Roles Are Exchanged

What else? The gender of the person who calls the shots in bed!

Even without all this apparatus, it is increasingly women, not men, who determine what happens in bed. Intersexuality means that male and female roles do not just dissolve; they are exchanged.

Penetration and command cross over the gender line. This is an important point. For the last thirty years, we have been discussing “ending gender roles.” But we have not discussed exchanging them.

There is a feeling out there, shared among women and men alike, that “fifty-fifty” sex is boring. It is politically correct, maybe, but it is unexciting. The perception is that it is much more exciting when someone is in command, and that someone is increasingly the woman.

So, intersexuality changes penetration and command. Guys, get set for a rough ride.




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