Can Colleges Ban Porn?


Catholic universities, and other religious institutes of higher learning, have a right to maintain codes of morality that they see as consistent with their religious beliefs.  If they think porn contradicts those beliefs, they have a right to prohibit it from campuses, including virtual premises. They have the right.  But are they wise in doing…

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Porn: From Visual Images to Connectivity

webcam model

  The Start of the Porn Industry The porn industry owed its initial start to the male masturbation market in the 1970s. There was an enormous unsatisfied pool of male desire. It was in these years that images started to take over from “dime novels,” where all you had was text. (The appeal of text…

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Is “I Love You” Romantic or Sexual? That Depends.

What Is Love?

What Does “I Love You” Mean? In her Washington Post article, “What does ‘I love you’ mean? It depends on where you say it and what language you speak,” Alice Robb is not really discussing what “love” means. The term is so context-dependent that it’s like discussing what “success” means. The really interesting question is…

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How to Explain the Increase in Young Virgins?

Young Virginity in Japan and in the United States The increase in young men not having sex in Japan, reported by CNN, mirrors what is happening internationally. In the United States as well, there’s been a similar rise in young-male virginity (18-30 age group), up from 15 percent in 1989 to 28 percent in 2018.…

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Everyone Is Talking About Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

What’s Really Going On With Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)? Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a big topic right now. Here is an example of a program on it from the Royal Society of Medicine in England. But FSD programs are everywhere. It’s almost enough to convince one that FSD is of epidemic proportions, but that…

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Leggings Are Now Dominant in Our Culture

In a recent New York Times article, Vanessa Friedman asks, ” When did leggings make the leap from garment to cultural lightning rod?” When, indeed? The appeal of leggings is not rocket science. And the priests at Notre Dame know evil when they see it: Women’s legs and butts look terrific in the leggings silhouette.…

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