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A Harvard-trained social historian, Edward Shorter has held the Hannah Professorship in the History of Medicine at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine since 1991. In 1996, he was cross-appointed as Professor of Psychiatry in recognition of his rising profile as a historian of psychiatry. He is the author of numerous books on the evolution of the discipline, including A History of Psychiatry (1997); Before Prozac (2009); How Everyone Became Depressed (2013); and What Psychiatry Left Out of the DSM-5 (2015).

About Stormy's World: Inside Porn

Stormy Daniels became front page news. The transformation in what used to be called "smut" is astonishing. One moment it's a "public health crisis" in Nebraska, the next moment Stormy's bodyguards are fighting off the photographers as she swans into a court hearing that directly affects the president of the United States.

This book sets Stormy in context. But it's not just a biopic. It's about the larger forces at play here.

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